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Language translations - 0% Vat Outside EU - No Paypal Fee

This page and the whole website can be translated, select the flag for your prefered language:



Language translations

Our website supports 14 Languages which you can select from at the top of the page.

You can use The flag icons or use the menu "Select other Language" to select other languages.

The supported Languages are:

  1. Dutch (Main Language)
  2. English
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Italian
  6. Polish
  7. Romanian
  8. Spanish
  9. Luxembourgish
  10. Arabic
  11. Chinese (Simplified)
  12. Hindi
  13. Portuguese
  14. Russian

An automatic translation can give you an idea of the content of a text in a language you understand. It should be in mind that there is no human intervention in these translations. The  quality and accuracy of machine translations from text to text are depending on the language combination. Translations quality may vary considerably. No rights and obligations can be derived from translated text. Translations are a Extra service from KBmodelcars. We pay for this Translation service to help you understand our website and order products if you wish to do so. If you have any Questions about our translations please feel free to Contact us. ( we prefer English or Dutch ). The Contact Form is at the bottom of the Contact page.

Translations Bar

Vat calculated inside EU

If you place an order from a country inside the EU and the invoice address is in the same country the Vat from this country is Calculated.

VAT within the EU is calculated on the VAT used by the country where the billing address is registered. So the billing address is the address that calculates VAT within the EU.

VAT within the EU is calculated based on the VAT used by the country where the order is placed.

So if you order from Croatia to a billing address in Croatia, 25% VAT will be charged. If you order from Belgium with the billing address within Belgium, 21% will be charged. If the order address is Croatia but the billing address is in Belgium, 21% VAT will be charged. The Country indicated in the billing address determines the VAT inside the EU. 

Keep in mind. If You place an order from outside the EU but the invoice/shipping address is inside The EU Value Added Tax will be Calculated for this selected country.

For our country of origin which is the Netherlands default 21% vat is calculated.

Check this link for the VAT list for countries within the EU.

0% Vat Outside EU

0% tariff

The 0% tariff applies to (foreign) entrepreneurs who conduct business in foreign countries from the Netherlands. This mainly involves the supply of goods from the Netherlands to another country outside the EU. These are services related to cross-border transactions, such as services for the international carriage of goods or work on goods that are exported to non-EU countries. Tax rules vary by country.

Importing goods and the Rules.

You are responsible for knowing and investigating the tax rules. You must also be aware of the rules that apply in your country and the country where you order the goods. We are in no way responsible for additional costs regarding import costs or other costs charged by the country from which you order your goods. You must check in advance whether there are additional costs when importing goods.

If you have any questions about the 0% Vat or importing goods to your country please contact us.

No PayPal Fee

We will not calculate any PayPal fee to our customers.

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